Certificate Course:

  MER 227: Apparel Merchandising.


To enable students to understand merchandising who want to pursue a career in the garment industry having ambition to improve them. The courses will lead students through situations encountered in the apparel industry. Upon successful completion of experience provided in this course, students are exposed to understand the techniques of merchandising.


Who can apply? Graduation from any discipline.


Topics Covered:


1. History and development of textile

·      Global scenario

·      Apparel industry in Bangladesh

·      Role in the economy


2. Textile fiber and yarn

·      Fiber classification

·      Properties of fiber

·      Yarn manufacturing system

·      Yarn classification

·      Yarn counting system & conversion


3. Fabric for clothing (woven)

·      Basic weaving and loom

·      Fabric weaving and construction analysis

·      Some commercial fabric analysis


4. Fabric for clothing (knit)

·      General knitting fabric terms

·      Knit fabric classification

·      Knit fabric analysis


5. Non-woven and bonded fabric study


6. Textile coloration and finishes

·      Fabric dyeing methods

·      Dyes and pigments & dyeing process

·      Classes of dyes and their characteristics

·      Fabric printing and finishes


7. Fabric analysis

·      Fabric selection guide

·      Basic fabric defect and inspection

·      Fabric weight calculation and conversion

·      Textile testing / Care labeling


8. Fashion marketing

·      Introduction to fashion marketing

·      Structure of apparel industry in traditional market

·      Why international trade

·      Trade barriers

·      Products beginning to range development

·      Introduction to  fashion marketing

·      The fashion calendar and role of buyer

9. Merchandising(Woven & Knit)

·      Merchandising and its function

·      Purchase order analysis

·   Sampling

·   Seam and stitches

·   Garment production process

·   Business communication and         correspondence

·  Inventory and cutting room   management

· Introduction to Industrial Engineering

·  Production planning and control


10. Consumption, pricing and costing

·      Woven fabric consumption

·      Knit fabric consumption

·      Machine hour rate calculation

·      CM calculation

·      Freight calculation

·      Costing and pricing

·      International commercial terminology

·      Documentary credit


11. Trims and Accessories

·      Consumption and booking

·      Common accessories analysis


12. Garment wash and finishes

·      Wash types

·      Finishes / Packing


13. Merchandising (Sweater) 

·      Basic pattern for knit

·      Consumption / Costing / Stitch type

·      Production process and calculation

·      Sampling technique and Quality audit


14. Quality control management

·      TQM

·      AQL and final inspection